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A great place to start, once you've ooked over our site, is the Django Swing Page. Here you'll find a wealth of information pertaining to gypsy jazz.

Tony Green is a well known gypsy jazz guitarist as well as a terrific artist. He lives in New Orleans and takes a yearly pilgrimage to perform at the Django festival at Samois. Glenn had the pleasure of seeing his beautiful art work and even got to play a few songs with him. Accompanied by Glenn's lifelong friend and top New Orleans Drummer, Ronnie Magri, the three had a casual jam session in Tony's apartment/art studio, on the day before New Year's Eve. If you are down in the New Orleans area, be sure to look these guys up. They are always playing around town with the best players that the city has to offer!

Be sure to pick up a copy of Ronnie Magri's CD, Ronnie Magri and his New Orleans Jazz Band. This is a great album!

Stephane Wrembel plays every thursday night and Sunday brunch at Jule's, on St. Mark's Place in NYC. Jule's is a great little French restaurant in the East Village and a great compliment to Stephane's brilliant guitar work.

Frank Vignola plays every Sunday night with The Frank and Joe Show at Sweet Rhythm in the West Village, NYC. This is a must see! The album 33 1/3 is terrific. 

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